Products & Services


Small Roll

For commercial and residential projects we recommend our small roll, which measures approximately 2x5 feet.

Big Roll

For projects larger than 10,000 square feet we suggest big rolls. These rolls measure approximately 4x90 feet and require installation with specialized equipment.


1 lb bags available for small patch jobs


Starter fertilizer is available, please enquire. 15-40-0-0 blend.



Big roll can be installed by our professional installers with the assistance of 3 additional persons provided by you, the customer. The project must be accessible on all sides to accommodate our large equipment. The sodding area must be free of obstructions.


We offer delivery to your residence or job site from the farm providing that the location is accessible and safe for offloading. Please be aware that not all communities are accessible with our large trucks due to design restrictions and/or road bans.