About Us

From residential developments to landscaping contractors, from the Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium to golf courses, Big Lake Sod Farm serves them all.  When you visit Big Lake Sod Farm you are not driving onto a golf course or nature retreat, you are driving onto a crop that will soon be growing on parks, homes and golf courses throughout Alberta.

Big Lake Sod Farm was established in 1969. The business is a third generation family owned and operated enterprise. The farm originated near St. Albert on leased land close to Big Lake. Hence, where the company name came from.  In 1976 the farm relocated south of Edmonton near Wetaskiwin from St. Albert.

Big Lake Sod Farm blends its own seed mix from blue grass varieties and a selected fescue for various characteristics. We try to stick with the same perennial seed varieties that green up early and provide good colour throughout the growing season.

Big Lake Sod Farm fertilizes several times a season to promote good growth. In the spring, a higher nitrogen mix is used on established grass for greening. Four to six weeks after seeding and throughout the season, phosphorous is used to encourage root growth.

Another element of good lawn care is mowing. We mow once or twice a week, weather permitting. Frequent mowing promotes the development of a healthy leaf structure that leads to a thicker lawn and discourages weeds, reducing the need for chemical weed control .

Residential customers and landscaping contractors comprise a significant portion of Big Lake Sod Farm’s business. Over the years Big Lake Sod Farm has been a recognized sod supplier to the golf industry across Alberta as well as the exclusive sod supplier to the Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium from 1982 to 2009.

Big Lake Sod Farm is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and Cystic Fibrosis and participates in various community projects such as, playgrounds for daycare centres and elementary schools, college common areas, and bereavement plots.

To get a head start on your mature lawn, trust Big Lake Sod Farm. For more information call 780-352-6637 or 780-429-1372. For directions please see site map.

Please view our article found in the Alberta Report:

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