Big Lake Sod Farm

Our sod grass blend is a certified TWCA blend which means Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance.
In selecting our sod which is TWCA variety you will reduce water inputs up to 30%.

big lake sod farm alberta grass and sodDrive out to Big Lake Sod Farm near Wetaskiwin, Alberta during the spring and summer, and you’ll see a luxurius carpet of manicured emerald green stretching to the horizon. While it may look like a park or a golf course, you’re really looking at a crop. Beginning in mid-April, that grass will be cut into sod and distributed to Edmonton and surrounding area, providing a head start on mature lawns for homes, parks, golf courses and sport facilities.

In today’s hustle and bustle we expect convenience, efficiency and quality in the products we use. Turfgrass sod meets the needs of today’s fast-paced lifestyle by providing environmental, health and economic benefits at a surprisingly low cost.

So why wait… You could be relaxing on a beautiful lawn right now!

FYI… 2400 square feet of lawn can produce enough oxygen for a family of four and reduce carbon dioxide.

Our Edmonton Depot has relocated!
The new address is 9535-62 Ave NW